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Hi name is Elle Gargano, owner + founder of Brave the Label.

On October 1, 2017 I was injured in the Las Vegas mass shooting. I was shot in the back of the head and underwent three neuro-surgeries. Since my injury, I’ve been healing, learning about trauma, brain injury and mental health.

I’m so excited to finally share, Brave the Label’s Third Collection, that finally brings my dream into reality.

This collection is the start of a new chapter. We're making bold, quality loungewear for those who aren’t afraid to make a statement.

People have told me that I inspire them, that to them, I exemplify bravery. I never felt this way, but it kept me pushing forward. If I have it in me, you do too. 

Wearing our brand is a reminder that you have bravery within you that is bigger than you could ever imagine. 

Brave the Label is your daily reminder. Your daily inspiration. Your favorite loungewear.

Along with our new loungewear collection, I'm excited to continue growing our Brave the Label community and expand the use of our website as a source of inspiration, community and support for mental health.

Shop our brand new collection now!



Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You.

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