Navigating holiday stress


The holidays can be stressful - we've gathered some helpful tips to help manage your anxiety during the holiday season.

1. A 10-minute guided mediation - can help level out big emotions. We like this one you can easily follow from 

2. Say no - let’s face it, you just can’t make it to everything and that’s ok. Prioritize events that you know will leave you feeling more fulfilled and less stressed. 

3. Take a time out - family gatherings can sometimes bring up conflict. It’s ok to take a ten minute break or take a walk around the block for some alone time.

4. Create a relaxing environment at home - light a candle, make some herbal tea or hot cocoa and put on a simmer pot. Coming home to relaxing surroundings will give you a safe space to find peace and recharge. 

5. Moderation is key - always but especially during the holidays. This goes for nights out, spending, drinking and eating. Set your intentions for moderation before going into the new year. 

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